The Summer I Wasn't Me

The Summer I Wasn t Me Lexi has a secret She never meant for her mom to find out And now she s afraid that what s left of her family is going to fall apart for good Lexi knows she can fix everything She can change She can l

  • Title: The Summer I Wasn't Me
  • Author: Jessica Verdi
  • ISBN: 9781402277887
  • Page: 476
  • Format: Paperback
  • Lexi has a secret.She never meant for her mom to find out And now she s afraid that what s left of her family is going to fall apart for good.Lexi knows she can fix everything She can change She can learn to like boys New Horizons summer camp has promised to transform her life, and there s nothing she wants than to start over.But sometimes love has its own path

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      476 Jessica Verdi
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    One thought on “The Summer I Wasn't Me”

    1. The Summer I Wasn't Me takes us into a religious de-gaying camp where Lexi is sent after her mother finds her journal. Not only is this story an important one in this day and age, especially for teenagers, but it's written with wonderfully crafted characters that bring just the right amount of heart to the book. "The activity for the day is Avoiding Satanic Influences."I found myself amused at times, frustrated at others, and utterly pissed off at this camp's cult-like methods. I rarely feel thi [...]

    2. 2 1/2 starsThe Summer I wasn't me is about 17 years old Lexi who is sent away to a "de-gayifying" camp after her Christian mother finds out about her attraction to girls. I really enjoyed reading this book. It was a fast paced cute contemporary that deals with topics about coming out, accepting yourself, religion view on sexuality, religious parents dealing with their children's same sex attraction, and rape. In my opinion, Lexi was a strong character. I liked how she was willing to do anything [...]

    3. On principle, I support books with LGBT content because there's just not enough of them. And for the first 2/3s of the book, I thought this book was a cute, if lightweight, take on figuring out your identity and standing up for yourself. A couple of really serious things happened in the last third of the book that threw everything off, though, and I couldn't get past such traumatic subjects being handled so easily and swiftly and simplistically. It's fine to take TV-style shortcuts with relation [...]

    4. This book is so important. LGBT+ and religion are VERY important topics and honestly I think we need more books about it. Lexi is gay and is sent to a de-gayifying camper after her Christian mother finds out about her attraction to girls. There she's taught about how same sex attraction is a sin and they need to stop being queer (which is horrible). But Lexi doesn't care about religion and she can't just STOP being gay, like what the actual fuck. The romance was cute but very insta love. It felt [...]

    5. See more reviews at YA Midnight ReadsMini Review:I'm feeling rather conflicted on how I feel about The Summer I Wasn't Me. You see, throughout the entire time I was reading this, I was a ball of rage. Yet at the same time, I found it interesting to take a look at a perspective that I find absolutely foul.The book opens up with Lexi and her mum on their way to a heavily religious influenced de-gaying camp. After her father died, Lexi's mother discovered Lexi's secret and immediately took action b [...]

    6. Nose Graze — Book reviews & blogging tips4.5 StarsI'm still trying to fully absorb this book. Normally I write my reviews immediately after I finish reading, but not with The Summer I Wasn't Me. This book was so powerful, so intense, so horrifying, that I had to sit and absorb it all before I could put some words together. And I still don't feel like I'm ready to do that, but I had to get started, so here we go!The Summer I Wasn't Me is a curious book, because there are certain elements of [...]

    7. This was truly a roller coaster of emotions. I found myself tearing up, laughing aloud, angry, and sometimes annoyed. One of my favorite things about this book was how so many different perspectives and people were portrayed. How Lexi processed her surroundings throughout the story was genuine and easy to relate to.

    8. short review: I would definitely give this a trigger warning, as it goes into detail about physical and psychological abuse in LGBT corrective facilities. The book seems like a sweet read on the surface, but is really quite gritty, and talks about a serious issue- as long as you can handle the darker elements to the book, that is. Also a cute wlw side-romance, and story of friendship and overcoming bigotry and hate.Now, my more in-depth review, again, possible trigger warning, this might include [...]

    9. The Summer I Wasn’t Me is to put it simply: problematic. First, there’s a lack of urgency in certain matters. Second, there’s an oversimplification in certain other things -and not just who was cast in the role of “baddy” or in what the same was capable of. And finally, there’s a lack of depth in the lot of them; you’d think depth would be present in at least one of them considering the place they all found themselves. But, NO. To the first: there’s an almost blasé way things ar [...]

    10. This is probably a case of me not being the intended audience for the book. However, I think the margin of people who this book would appeal to might be on the smaller side. It's not a bad message about learning to love yourself. Not at all! That said, the delivery is probably going to appeal mostly to very young teens and readers with little to no love and/or sexual experience. If you've already been through a heartbreak or two, this probably won't be the book to pick you up and make you feel b [...]

    11. Publicado Originalmente: El Extraño Gato del CuentoMi nivel de expectación por este libro me sorprendió antes de empezarlo a leer, no solo quería leerlo, necesitaba leerlo. Encontrar libros LGBT es muy complicado y en Young Adult aún más, se “cuida” mucho al adolescente (o jóvenes en general) que no lean este tipo de libro, hasta se vetan, ahora último no mucho, pero si hubo un tiempo dónde libros con protagonistas homosexuales eran un escándalo y eran del diablo. Y como me gusta m [...]

    12. I adored this book. After really enjoying MY LIFE AFTER NOW, and being incredibly impressed by the premise Verdi chose to tackle there, I was immensely curious what her next would be. This book did not disappoint :) I am also admittedly a little biased because though I read quite a bit of LGBTQ YA lit, I've found that for one reason or another, this was the first f/f that did not possess unbearable pacing, a boundary-disrespecting love interest, or a completely half-ass story. So, bonus points r [...]

    13. Take "But I'm a Cheerleader", replace comedy with drama, keep the happy ending. Very satisfying as a quick read, but I'm not sure how the last quarter holds up at closer scrutiny. There were things I felt were glossed over towards the end, not rushed, just that the events became really serious and I felt they weren't properly dealt with.

    14. Istyria book blog ~ B's world of enchanted booksOh wow. I don't even know where to begin with this book. I'm going to try to talk about the book and I'm going to avoid the camp topic as much as possible because I'm afraid my review will be a major rant on that if I talk about it too much. Like Jessica's other book, this one features quite a heavy topic. At least it is for a lot of people. Being gay. For me, it's just who you are and I don't care about that really. Love is love. But for a lot of [...]

    15. 3.5 stars(Source: I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read-to-review basis. Thanks to SOURCEBOOKS Fire and Netgalley.)17-year-old Lexi is going to an anti-gay camp for the summer because her mother found out that she was in love with another girl and didn’t like it.When Lexi gets to camp she’s immediately attracted to another girl there called Carolyn, and though she tries to fight her feelings, it’s clear that Carolyn has wormed her way into her heart.Will the anti-gay ca [...]

    16. A story about staying true to who you are, The Summer I Wasn’t Me offers us a glimpse of the real meaning of being authentic. In a society where not many choose to “walk the talk”, I like that the story is not just about gender and perspective. Everyone can hold their own opinions but what’s essential is often not how well one can articulate their thoughts – it’s not difficult to say something that is totally meaningless or tell lies that sound like some sort of truth – but without [...]

    17. Provided by the publisher via NetGalleyActual Rating: 4.5To make her recently-widowed mother happy, Lexi agrees to take an 8-week de-gayifying program at a Christian camp. There, she, along with other campers, is "trained" suppress her SSA (Same-Sex Attraction.)I have read several GLBT books and by far this is one of the best. I did enjoy it more than I had expected. The writing, the characters and the plots were excellent. I have always loved fast paced books and I had no complain about this bo [...]

    18. While I was definitely curious about The Summer I Wasn't Me, I didn't expect it to be so impressive. I started reading the book while I was in Italy last week. Let me break down my reading experience for you.*announcement* "You now have four hours to yourself."*sits down* *starts reading*Person 1: "Hey, want to go to the Thermae with us?"Me: "Can't."Person 1: "Okay"Person 2: "What's so funny?"Me: "You wouldn't understand."Person 2: "OH RLY. Try me."Me: "Shh!"Person 2: *grumbles*Person 3: "We're [...]

    19. Gender is a sensitive topic and although I have never undergone any sort of gender identity crisis I was able to sympathize with the characters in this book. However, the Insta-love theme didn't work for me and I wanted to know more about Matthew and what would become of him.

    20. The Summer I wasn't Me was my first read in the LGBT sub-genre and I only have good things about it. I read Jessica Verdi's debut last year and I remember saying that it was a simple, beautiful and a very educational read, and her second book made me feel the exact same way, which is not bad at all. I love when a message is delivered in a subtle yet smooth manner, where everything doesn't need to be written and can be felt as the story moves along. This type of storytelling is Verdi's specialty, [...]

    21. I believe this book, even though simple, wasn't an easy one to write, and it's honestly not an easy one to read. At least it wasn't for me. I just couldn't stay indifferent to all that was going on. And once you put yourself out there? Well, it's bound to hurt. They do say that reading is dangerous and so it is. Whether it's good-dangerous or bad-dangerous? Now that's a choice left for the reader to make.The Summer I Wasn't Me starts by introducing us to Lexi, the main character, as her mother d [...]

    22. Ex-gay camps are a controversial topic. It's been long proven that they aren't effective and that they often hurt people, but for some reason they still exist and have their supporters. THE SUMMER I WASN'T ME takes a surprisingly balanced take on a gay conversion camp, although it does take a turn for the melodramatic toward the end.Lexi is a lesbian, and has known it for a long time. However, her mom just found out and didn't take it well. Lexi agrees to go to a conversion camp because her moth [...]

    23. I have very dark taste in books – I can stomach almost anything that a writer can throw at me, but very occasionally a book comes along that feels fundamentally wrong to me – and The Summer I Wasn’t Me was exactly that kind of book. And it’s not that Jessica Verdi has written a book that offended me – it’s that this subject even exists that really gets my goat.However, even though the subject matter had me fuming from the beginning, I’m very glad I pushed past my own anger and read [...]

    24. Check out more of my reviews at Singing and Reading in the Rain!After falling in love with My Life After Now, I had high hopes for The Summer I Wasn’t Me, but unfortunately several aspects proved detrimental to my overall enjoyment of the book.First and foremost, I appreciated Jessica’s choice to tackle a subject such as LGBTQIAPK (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, interest, asexual, and kinky, according to Why We Need More Sex Labels). While only the lesbian and gay portions of th [...]

    25. This review was originally posted on my blog, Ramblings of a Daydreamer. You can find it, and many more reviews at the blog.I want to start out by saying I have so much respect for Jessica Verdi. She’s not afraid to push boundaries and write stories that are bold, brave, and different. When I read her debut novel, My Life After Now, I thought ‘the world needs a book like this’ and I feel the same way after reading The Summer I Wasn’t Me. I can’t wait to see what Ms Verdi comes up with [...]

    26. 3.5 stars!I’m having so much trouble deciding how I feel about The Summer I Wasn’t Me. At certain points I hated the story and wanted to throw my Kindle at the wall. Other times I was completely invested in the story. It was definitely a rollercoaster ride of a read, in my opinion.Lexi, at the outrageous cost of $9,500 (I know, seriously?!) is spending the summer at a de-gaying camp in hopes of learning to not be gay anymore for her mother. After the loss of her father, then hearing the news [...]

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