La fortuna dei Wise

La fortuna dei Wise La fortuna cade letteralmente dal cielo per Arthur Wise piccolo avvocato ebreo di provincia sotto forma di un aereo della Boston Airways che precipita nel mare del New England Wise d il via a u

  • Title: La fortuna dei Wise
  • Author: Stuart Nadler Costanza Prinetti
  • ISBN: 9788833923598
  • Page: 169
  • Format: Paperback
  • 1947 La fortuna cade letteralmente dal cielo per Arthur Wise, piccolo avvocato ebreo di provincia, sotto forma di un aereo della Boston Airways che precipita nel mare del New England Wise d il via a una class action vittoriosa che far di lui il terrore delle compagnie aeree di linea, e un uomo ricchissimo Compera una magnifica tenuta a Cape Cod, con due case, una per1947 La fortuna cade letteralmente dal cielo per Arthur Wise, piccolo avvocato ebreo di provincia, sotto forma di un aereo della Boston Airways che precipita nel mare del New England Wise d il via a una class action vittoriosa che far di lui il terrore delle compagnie aeree di linea, e un uomo ricchissimo Compera una magnifica tenuta a Cape Cod, con due case, una per s , la moglie e il figlio Hilly, l altra per l amico e socio Robert Ashley Con la propriet arriva anche l houseboy nero dei precedenti abitanti, Lem Dawson, che viene incaricato di fare la spola con messaggi e documenti tra le due case e i due soci L adolescente Hilly si innamora della nipote di Lem, la bellissima Savannah, e l innocente relazione tra i due ragazzi dar il via a una serie di eventi imprevedibili quanto drammatici A poche pagine dall inizio, Stuart Nadler ha gi introdotto nella sua storia i temi classici della letteratura americana di sempre la fortuna improvvisa, le cause legali collettive, l amicizia maschile, l a interrazziale, l impulsivit giovanile, la vendetta, i contrasti tra padre e figlio, la prepotenza del denaro, perfino il baseball Cinquant anni dopo ritroviamo tutti a Cape Cod Hilly vedovo e ha quattro figlie, Savannah ha un marito e un figlio adottivo, Arthur Wise stanco e malato, e tutti i personaggi stanno ancora cercando di farsi una ragione di quello che era accaduto nello stesso posto tanti anni prima Il finale, assolutamente a sorpresa, riallaccia i nodi di vicende fino a quel momento misteriose, svelando segreti a lungo conservati Ambizioso, e dotato di grande talento, Nadler coinvolge il lettore in una storia americana che riprende la grande narrativa dei secoli passati, i suoi temi, i suoi personaggi emblematici, le sue persistenti contraddizioni, raccontando per con tutta la freschezza e l entusiasmo di chi quella storia, quei temi, li ha rielaborati alla luce della contemporaneit.

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    1. I'd rate this 4.5 stars.Stuart Nadler's terrific book explores the complex relationship between father and son, and how spending one's life trying to be something other than what is expected can be emotionally crippling. It's also a book about the powerful hold unrequited love has over you, and like Ian McEwan's Atonement, it's also a story of how a snap decision made in the heat of the moment can have life-changing implications.Hilly Wise is a teenager growing up in New Haven when his father, A [...]

    2. There are literary places. A geographical conjunction of human and social factors able to create the drama. It was for Proust Cabourg and the Grand Hôtel. Cap Code belongs to this places. US aristocracy meet between here. This human society has its own codes and rituals. They live protected in magnific house.The son of Wise, a great and powerful lawyer, is in love with the niece of Lem, his black domestic. That could be a mix of « Downton Abbey » and « Guess who's coming to dinner » (la [...]

    3. I love first novels. So much promise and such a thrill when a first-time author has written a really good book. Stuart Nadler has written a first novel and it's a really, really good book: Wise Men.The story begins in a fictional Cape Cod town located between Wellfleet and Truro where Art Wise has bought a modest summer house. Art had been an ambulance chaser until he took on a class action suit against an airline, accusing the company of negligence. Before long he was working for airline compan [...]

    4. This book was such a disappointment. It was selected based on the interesting description but sadly the story itself did not live up to the book jacket. I don't think this is a story about fathers and sons at all, nor is it about racial violence. There is a father and a son in the story; and racial violence occurs but what either of those things have to do with the story line is tenuous at best. I think it is about the narrator who is a guy that never grows up. Hilly is a Peter Pan type of guy. [...]

    5. While the descriptive writing in this was really pretty good, I did not care for the rest at all. The relationships between the characters are completely unbelievable.(view spoiler)[ I am over books with main characters who conveniently end up with piles of money at the end. Also the one sentence when the main character states that there is no point in writing about his life with his wife because they were happy just really rubbed me the wrong way. He may have been happy but I wonder how she fel [...]

    6. I won this through First Reads & this book was absolutely amazing. It was beautifully written and after finishing it I was left staring at the words, mouth gaping trying to place my feelings about how it all turned out. It really is such a strong, emotional beautiful story and I can not wait to recommend it to everyone that I know. I do have to say that I really wish many things had happened differently but life isn't a fairytale, not everyone has a happy ending and in it's own way that is [...]

    7. Ma che razza di finale sarebbe? Tutta la vicenda ruota attorno ai difficili rapporti tra padre e figlio, ai conflitti razziali e al sospetto che sia stato commesso un omicidio e l’autore mi chiude tutta la faccenda venendomi a dire che (view spoiler)[il padre del protagonista e il suo socio sono gay (hide spoiler)]? Evidentemente il signor Stuart Nadler la logica non sa neanche dove stia di casa.

    8. The book jacket screams, " reminiscent of Harper Lee" , "winsome and compelling narrator", "brilliantly plotted and carefully observed". I'd have to agree. If you lived in an alternate universe, that is, where any kind of falderal and gibberish passes for literature. This book has as much in common with Harper Lee as Homer, the author of The Iliad and The Odyssey, has in common with Homer Jay Simpson, erstwhile Safety Inspector at the Springfield Nuclear Plant. Harper Lee lived, and understood, [...]

    9. Based upon the book description, Wise Men was something different and not what I expected. For me, the storyline didn't match the description or maybe I just didn't want a story that was centered primarily around Hilly and his horrible father. Or one that only treated Savannah as a secondary character. Also, while I know that bigots/racists come in all colors, shapes, sizes, genders,religions, creeds still annoys the heck out of me that another group that was abused, mistreated, persecuted (ie J [...]

    10. The majority of the story is about Hilly Wise, the son of obnoxious nouveau riche Jewish attorney, Arthur Wise. Hilly has a near-stalking obsession with Savannah, a poor local black girl he knew briefly when they were teenagers. His odyssey of trying to contact her through the convening years is two-fold. He wants to rekindle what he perceives as a love interest between them, of which she seems to be indifferent, but also because he feels responsible for sending Savannah's Uncle Lem, Arthur Wise [...]

    11. This book, as told from the first person, reads like a memoir. It spans 7 decades and multiple socioeconomic levels. It covers race relations and interpersonal relations. It tells of the miscommunications between and father and a son. It is a microcosm of a life. I was sucked into its pages and didn't want to leave until the very end, when the world of the book was totally upended. It was very well written. I'm looking forward to the next novel by Stuart Nadler.

    12. 2.5 stars. Nadler has assembled several elements of a good story in Wise Men but never seems to quite pull it together in a cohesive way. The characters are just shadows and never fully realized. The drama is not all that dramatic. Sorry, but at about the half-way point I was just reading so I could say I finished the book. I believe the author has potential so here's hoping that his next effort shows improvement.

    13. Something about it reminded me of The Great Gatsby-- the story is in the shadow of a rich, self-made man who, while not admirable, is very compelling. It kept me wanting to read even though I did not love any of the characters. At times, it felt melodramatic and I hesitated between 3 and 4 stars. But in the end, I feel it captured a remarkable transition in American history and it was beautifully rendered without the writing being overdone.

    14. It felt like a collection of red herrings poorly weaved together. Sporadic character development, limited sense of suspense, lacking strong visual descriptions and the last page 'reveal' was pretty weak. There were some good ideas around which to create a good novel, but this one did not work for me.

    15. A well written engaging novel about coming of age, of learning what is most important and spending your whole life trying to remind others of what is important. Wonderful!

    16. Un amore che dura una vita ma non si realizza, una ricchezza improvvisa che sconvolge una famiglia (con il figlio dell’arricchito che dapprima tenta di restarne fuori rifiutando i denari paterni e poi, stemperandosi nel tempo, quanto meno di “essere ricco senza essere stronzo”), la fase iniziale - siamo negli U.S.A anni ’40-’50 - delle class actions, il razzismo che - là, in quel periodo - emargina pesantemente, un omicidio che resta impunito, i sensi di colpa che mordono, le malattie [...]

    17. Romanzo a mio parere notevolmente maldestro, che dà l'impressione che il suo autore farebbe meglio a restare nell'ambito dei racconti (senz'altro a lui più congeniali). Una storia potenzialmente molto densa e ricca di spunti: razzismo, ricchezza e povertà, potere, ribellione giovanile, amori impossibili, colpi di scena, misteri che covano sotto la cenere fino alla fine, che però annacqua tutto in un racconto non particolarmente riuscito, non particolarmente equilibrato nelle sue varie parti, [...]

    18. I admired Wise Men more than outright loving it, though there’s a lot to like: the sweep of its settings, its tackling of race and power and extreme wealth, its tenderness towards its characters, and how unafraid it is to tip its hat toward sentimentality. Hilly Wise, who begins his narration at age 17 in the summer of 1952, develops an occasional childlike sense of wonder that makes a comparison to Cheever not at all out of line. There are echoes of Roth here too (the Wises are Jewish) and ma [...]

    19. I can already assume this will be a contender for my favourite book of the year. The son of a lawyer, Hilly Wise, is caught up in a life he doesn’t recognize when his father wins a big negligence case against an airline. Part of the nouveau riche in Cape Cod in the early ’50s Hilly meets and falls in love with a young African American girl, Savannah, at a time when their relationship only finds obstacle after obstacle, not the least among them, his overtly racist father. The summer they spen [...]

    20. This book seems to have received a lot of hype, which I guess makes it all the more disappointing for me. Nadler is a good writer, but the story throughout was just lacking. I kept waiting for more backstory on Arthur, Hilly's mom (see, I forgot her name already), Robert, Savannah, and especially Lem. Never really happened. The only confession we get from Arthur is that "it was an accident". What?? That's it?? And, PS - authors take note - I am really tired of the big secret being a gay relation [...]

    21. le vicissitudini dei wise- padre e figlio- dalla fama improvvisa del genitore, che andrà a scombussolare l'adolescenza del giovane hilton- passando attraverso un amore giovanile non vissuto e una ricchezza spropositata- fino all'epilogo cinquanta anni dopo.ho adorato i racconti di stuart nadler, ma questo suo primo, ambizioso romanzo è stato un po' deludente. tante pagine, tante descrizioni a volte pleonastiche, tanti temi importanti appena accennati e poi trascurati, alcuni personaggi davvero [...]

    22. The story of Hilton Wise as he grows up under the shadow of his father and the irreversible consequences of a decision made during his seventeenth year. The first half of the book moved quickly--I was very absorbed in the story. The second half, however, was missing something. I would have liked Nadler to expand more on crucial elements within the storyline. The ending is a bit of a surprise, but it leaves the reader wanting -- I can't put my finger on what exactly, but I did feel there were too [...]

    23. I read this after seeing that the editors at had chosen it as their spotlight book for January 2013. I usually don't read books based on the recommendations of critics and now I remember why. The editors at must be easily impressed. I believe they compared this book to "To Kill a Mockingbird" and to one of Roth's works. I've never read any Roth, but this book doesn't come anywhere close to even touching "To Kill a Mockingbird" greatness. At best it is on par with some of Nicholas Sparks's less [...]

    24. I enjoyed the story, although I'm left with a vague feeling of wishing there was more. More of Hilly's life, more romance, more about Arthur, more about the big mystery, just more. I wasn't left with enough to know why Hilly was obsessed for so long with Savannah. My mind and imagination can make up some of it, and the story was sweet - but not entirely convincing for me. I can't say the big reveal at the end caught me that much by surprise either. There were more than enough clues in my mind th [...]

    25. This was a book with amazing potential. Unfortunately it was unable to live up to that potential. The book description had the reader poised for what was sure to be an interesting read and to be fair there was evidence throughout the book that the author had the intention to deliver just such a book. In the end all that was left was a book full of character who were never fully developed, unanswered questions, plot lines that were simply abandoned and a sense that something had been missed.

    26. This book was pretty disappointing considering all the hype it got at . The story has been told before and it seemed just to bob around without much direction. The "surprise" at the ending seemed very contrived and did not really deliver any bang. This one really reads like a first novel. It has some good moments and it does hold the reader's attention but falls short of being anything special.

    27. It was okay, but not the great book it sounded like it was going to be. The characters just didn't seem real to me, the father a caricature of a vulgar super-rich guy, the mother almost nonexistent, the protagonist alternately scattered, obsessed, principled, and sold-out lazy. The race issue didn't really seem "integrated" (excuse the pun) with the narrative despite being central in a way overall disappointing.

    28. Spectacular! Storyline and character development reminiscent of Harper Lee as the story opens in the 50's. The novel brings the reader willingly from the 50's thru present day with one not wanting it to end. Wonderful story and a richly written text that will make many think of their own lives and how they have grown or not, over the last 50 years. This is a great novel, sure to be a classic.

    29. Early into this book, set on Cape Cod in the fifties, an older African American man, speaking to a teen, ends a comment with the phrase, "you do the math". I stopped reading at that point. If the author didn't see that as completely out of time and place, an editor should have.

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