Would-Be Witch

Would Be Witch The promising debut of a hot new voice in paranormal romance and the first of the Southern Witch novels The family magic seems to have skipped over Tammy Jo Trask All she gets are a few untimely visit

  • Title: Would-Be Witch
  • Author: Kimberly Frost
  • ISBN: 9780425225776
  • Page: 255
  • Format: Paperback
  • The promising debut of a hot new voice in paranormal romance and the first of the Southern Witch novels The family magic seems to have skipped over Tammy Jo Trask All she gets are a few untimely visits from long dead, smart mouthed family ghost Edie But when her locket an heirloom that happens to hold Edie s soul is stolen in the midst of a town wide crime spree, it s tThe promising debut of a hot new voice in paranormal romance and the first of the Southern Witch novels The family magic seems to have skipped over Tammy Jo Trask All she gets are a few untimely visits from long dead, smart mouthed family ghost Edie But when her locket an heirloom that happens to hold Edie s soul is stolen in the midst of a town wide crime spree, it s time for Tammy to find her inner witch After a few experiences with her dysfunctional magic, Tammy turns to the only person in small town Duval, Texas, who can help the very rich and highly magical Bryn Lyons He might have all the answers and a 007 savoir faire to boot but the locket isn t the only heirloom passed down in Tammy s family She also inherited a warning stay away from Lyons.

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      255 Kimberly Frost
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    One thought on “Would-Be Witch”

    1. While at first (in the first four pages) it seemed that the character of Tammy Jo Trask would be a good one, that was quickly proven to be a false notion. To put it quite simply, she was a helpless moron. Now, I don't expect a MC to be invulnerable or a genius, but I would still hope for someone who can think and act for herself. As if her ex-husband with benefits is an Alpha of the worst kind isn't enough, he also belittles her just about all the time and tells her what and what not to do. But [...]

    2. Would-Be Witch is a little helter-skelter at times, but it's a very fun read. It reminded me a bit of the Sookie Stackhouse series, but with a much greater focus on humor.Tammy Jo Trask is a likable, sweet narrator with just the right streak of sarcasm to keep her interesting. (She's also proof positive that us redheads have fiery tempers when crossed!) As an untrained, late-blooming witch, she's obviously going to make a lot of blunders, and with her family out of town she can't be too choosy a [...]

    3. It didn't take long for this book to annoy me. Stuck up rich bitches getting their own way just because they are rich bitches. Tammy Jo the helpless airhead bimbo who has no common sense or any clue what is going on outside her brain dead ditzy world. The 'I am man hear me roar' himbo ex-husband Zach who is there to bonk and be annoyed by, like the macho monkey that he is. Georgia Sue, the overbearing in-your-face friend who never pauses for breath long enough to even listen to what someone else [...]

    4. 3.5 starsTammy Jo is like a supernatural Stephanie Plum. Being a fan of Stephanie Plum, I think this is kind of great. Would-Be Witch is definitely in the Chick Lit sub-genre of Urban Fantasy, so if that's not your thing, I would skip it. Tammy definitely has her dingbat moments, but they're balanced by extreme cleverness, so that doesn't bother me. Like I said--I like Stephanie Plum.The plot was kind of erratic, so I can't say much without spoilers . . . suffice it to say that Tammy is a witch [...]

    5. It was no surprise that I quickly became caught up in the series and had a hard time putting it down, in fact, I never did put it down. I read straight through the day until I got to the very last page.I knew I was going to love Tammy Jo, Zach, and Bryn. Having read the two short stories before starting this (which I highly recommend doing), I simply couldn't wait to dive right in and see if the series was as good as the shorts were and I am happy to report that I wasn't let down. I have gotten [...]

    6. Love Merc the cat , an Ocelot ! Great story about a witch that does not really think she's a witch , her Testosterone heavy ex-husband, one super rich sexy male witch, and a grumpy father all trying to save them selves and the town from death. The twists and turn leave you guessing.This is a sexy, fun book with fantastic characters that make me want to know them better. If you like Mary Janice Davidson,Charlaine Harris, and Gerry Bartlett you will love this book.Paranormal Cozy

    7. Would-Be Witch is the dazzling debut in the hilarious and addictive Southern Witch series by Kimberly Frost. What a delight!I was in one of my witchy moods, so I decided to see what I could find. I was so happy I came across this series from another fellow blogger's review blog. And if the story didn't sounds catching enough, get a load of the cover art! It's amazing. I love cartoon cover art, I think this may be my favorite. (Along with Tate Hallaways, Garnet Lacey series cover art). There were [...]

    8. Recommended by my dear friend Candace.I'm going to have to go with my southern drawl on this review. I LOVED this story. The author got so many things about Texas right. I found myself smiling for most of the book.The book starts out with Tammy Jo getting fired. She comes from a line of witches, but her mother and her aunt have taken off, searching for something. That leaves Tammy Jo alone, struggling to figure out her powers.Bryn Lyons is a warlock in the town of Duvall, a place replete with ma [...]

    9. Things I liked:1. The cat is awesome. Seriously. He kicks werewolf and redneck ass a couple different times throughout the story. Plus, I just have a thing for big cats. I'd love to have an ocelot of my own.2. Tammy Jo has no idea what she is. She's really not interested in knowing least until she has to. But, it doesn't throw her off to learn of witches, ghosts, werewolves, vampires, etc.3. The developing romance between Tammy Jo and Bryn Lyons. Although, he comes off as a snobby ass a couple o [...]

    10. Very rarely do I 5 star ANYTHINGBut there are exceptions waiting for you to break them. This book rated 5 stars. Mega humor from a klutzy would be witch. 2 hot guys trying to jump her for (whispers) sex, and a whole pack of werewolves trying to jump her (not for sex), good friends, loving ex-husband (who still adores her), a future lover, and would you believe it: a gay vampire named "Rollie". You NEED to read thisI KNOW there are more in this series, and I'm gonna find them and laugh on. Join m [...]

    11. 4.5 starsAu départ, j’ai trouvé que la façon dont l’histoire était racontée était un peu trop simpliste. J’avais l’impression que l’histoire était écrite pour les pré-adolescents alors que son contenu vise, quant à moi, plus les adultes que les enfants. Peut-être cela venait-il du fait que Tammy Jo parle constamment à son chat Mercutio, car une fois habituée à cette façon un peu enfantine de lui parler (qui ne parle pas à son chat comme à un bébé ;)) j’ai embarqué [...]

    12. I actually gave up on this book for several weeks and only came back to it a few days ago. It captured me immediately but then the fighting started at a witches council and I lost all interest. I would pick the book up and read a page or two then realize I had stopped paying attention to what I had been reading. So again I would put it down and go on to read another book. Finally I decided it was either time to read it or give it up so I started in on it again and pushed through over that readin [...]

    13. This seems like a series, I am really going to enjoy. It reminds me of The Sookie Stackhouse novels but not too gory like them. This book is one of those exciting fun and funny reads. The best part hands down is the humor. You will find mystery, suspense and action but Humor takes the cake. Kimberly created some crazy, eccentric characters, that I am excited to keep reading more about. I have the next 2 books in the series waiting to be read. You meet Tammy Jo a witch that doesn't really know or [...]

    14. this book was in some ways just like all the other books out there like this magic gone awry a lost locket needing to be found and a new house cat that might actually be a tiny leopard i'm not saying there was anything bad about that i love these kinds of books and wouldn't have given it 4 stars if i thought it was just mediocre but i'd say the main thing that would set this book apart is unlike so many other love triangles cause there has to be one this one is the most even i've ever seen usual [...]

    15. I ran into this series in the library the book cover caught my eye. I love cats and the minute I saw that book cover I was like what is that that an ocelotwhy is that on a book cover? The book was fun lots of wacky characters and hot chemistry. =0)This was my 1st book by this author too. Now I am a fan. Plan to read this series!-------------------------------------------------------------------------SpoilerNote to Self; Texas

    16. This book is terrible! It's a bad caricature of a Texan mixed with every bad romance trope imaginable. How dare a woman be independent and intelligent! "Oh no, I may have divorced my husband before age 20, but three years later I'm still fucking him and letting him call all the shots! I have no money to my name, but I can still afford my family's weird estate. And I have no clue where my mom and aunt are. I haven't seen them in a year, but I've made no attempts to find them! I'm just a pretty, d [...]

    17. Wow, I just did not enjoy this book at all. The main character is just walked all over by seemingly everyone and just takes it. When she finds out who did her wrong or confronts people who are overly mean, she does pretty much nothing except mumble under her breath. Now, if it were me, there would be a HUGE amount of swearing, some cake throwing or whatever is handy, maybe hair pulling and scratching faces of a certain someone in this book - but definitely the first two. I didn't care for anybod [...]

    18. Très bon livre au départis rapidement, on se rend compte que le fil conducteur part en tout sens à peine rendu à la moitié du livre. Une histoire qui semblait logique, mais qui au final se ramasse avec des lacunes ou des incohérences qui en viennent à perturber la lecture.Je reste très mitigée. Je tente quand même la lecture du second tome, dans l'espoir de voir une amélioration.

    19. For me, this one started off really well. I was ready to buy the whole series. Somewhere in the middle, things went south. I enjoyed the main character, I just felt left out of the plot for a while. Not sure really what else to say about it, other than you know when you are making a cake and you don't mix it well and you have patches of mix that you haven't mixed well with the rest of the mixtureat was this book. Certain plot lines didn't mix well.

    20. The story takes place in Duvall texas, a stereotypical small town.(For the first few chapters, 'til I made myself stop, all the characters 'sounded' like Sheldon's Mom from the big bang theory. Not really a plus.) Everybody knows everybody's business, and you'll never live anything down.The main character is Tammy (Tamera) Jo Trask, who despite coming from a long line of witches has no magic herself. When a locket haunted by her great-aunt (?) Edie is stolen, Tammy Jo has to get it back before E [...]

    21. I'd picked this looking for a light and fluffy read, so I wasn't disappointed on this part. I was fairly aware that this book wasn't going to be a Kim Harrison-esque read, so I didn't really hold the cutesy part against it. It's just that at times the heroine was just as dumb as a box of hammers.The plot here is fairly simplistic: girl finds she has powers after years of feeling like the disappointment of the family. Tammy Jo is fairly cute as far as her overall personality goes, so I didn't beg [...]

    22. I was really reluctant to give a 5-star rating to a "cozy witchcraft" book, but this book actually gives a lot more than I first thought on finishing it.First, the plotline was pretty good, and somewhat involved. Second, the character descriptions were quite well painted and brought the cast vividly to life. Thirdly, the book was filled with humor, even with all the werewolves, witches, fights, etc. going on. For example, on page 74, "There was no lock on the door, so the Indy 500 pit crews had [...]

    23. After loosing her job Tammy Jo Trask didn´t think her day could get more awful – but this was only wishful thinking. Originating from a witch family she has never developed – to her mom´s and aunt´s regret – any magical powers what she doesn´t really mind but at least she could see Edie, the ghost of her great-great-grandmother´s dead twin-sister. Edie is connected with a locket, a family heirloom which Tammy is supposed to keep safe during her mom´s and aunt´s absence. When the loc [...]

    24. Tammy Jo is a cute southern chick who isn’t perfect. She has a temper, kind of ditzy and still at the age of 23 has not got her powers. She’s still susceptible to her Ex Husbands Charm and they have an on and off again relationship. She seems to really like her “alpha” males because the other guy Bryn who she’s attracted to is kind of an a*hole to her and she pretty much takes it and comes back for more. I have to say if you make it through to the end both guys do end up having redeemi [...]

    25. Listening to audiobook.I thought this would be a light-hearted and funny story. I did not find it as such. I found that most of the characters a little on the stupid side.I thought that this book made everyone in the southern Texas town out to be morons. I thought Tammy Jo was weak for allowing her ex-husband to continue to control her life even after a divorce. Very much the Southern, small-minded stereotype at work throughout the entire story. The only characters that seemed to have any sense [...]

    26. NOTE UNFINISHEDI actually persisted until about halfway through Chapter 15 with this one.It almost had me.But in the end I just wasn't interested enough to finish and there were just too many other interesting things out there that I'd rather be reading.Was hoping for another Sookie Stackhouse esk southern urban/paranormal romp, except this time with witches.There were some things I found enjoyable/interesting about the book, I was kept at least mildly curious. And the writing decent.The real pr [...]

    27. It was not love at first sight for me, but once I got caught up in the story the things that had annoyed me failed to bother me too much. I found Tammy likeable yet slightly annoying, especially her weird relationship with her dominating ex. It seems to me that staying friends with someone who refuses to accept the divorce is asking for trouble. At times her relationship with her ex seemed very little in the past, at other times there was definite interest for the handsome, if forbidden Bryn Lyo [...]

    28. A cute and lighthearted story filled with lots of quirky characters. Tammy Jo is the main personality of the seriese's the one with the magic that doesn't work right and everything that happens in the story revolves around her, magic and a growing love triangle between her, her ex-husband and a male witch she's not supposed to associate with. Then also a mix of spell-cast problems, angry werewolves, a stolen family locket complete with the family ghost and any number of other odd occurrences to [...]

    29. Would-Be Witch was a quick, easy read with lots of southern charm and Texas hotties. Tammy Jo (can't get more southern than that!) comes from one of the witch families in a small TX town and believes she was skipped over when the family witchy genes were handed out. Her family heirloom locket, which holds the spirit of Edie, is stolen and she's on a mission to find it before Edie's soul is lost forever.With the help of her hunky, ex-husband and sheriff, Zachary Sutton and the "the very rich and [...]

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