The Hearse You Came in On

The Hearse You Came in On Introducing a clever and gripping first mystery novel featuring an unconventional undertaker who also happens to be one of Balti s most eligible and charming bachelors I was going along just fine sol

  • Title: The Hearse You Came in On
  • Author: Tim Cockey
  • ISBN: 9780786889624
  • Page: 389
  • Format: Paperback
  • Introducing a clever and gripping first mystery novel featuring an unconventional undertaker who also happens to be one of Balti s most eligible and charming bachelors I was going along just fine, solemnly chaperoning the dead into their graves and pretty much otherwise minding my own business when the woman calling herself Carolyn James stuck her halfway prettyIntroducing a clever and gripping first mystery novel featuring an unconventional undertaker who also happens to be one of Balti s most eligible and charming bachelors I was going along just fine, solemnly chaperoning the dead into their graves and pretty much otherwise minding my own business when the woman calling herself Carolyn James stuck her halfway pretty face into my life and scattered all hell to the wind What self respecting undertaker would allow himself to get involved in a murder investigation, a series of dirty videos, a case of political blackmail, and police corruption, as well as one of the worst amateur theater productions in recent memory None, unless your name happens to be Hitchcock Sewell, the most charming suspense hero to come along in years And who knew an undertaker could look so good In this fast paced and enormously entertaining mystery, Hitch has gotten himself into trouble than any self respecting undertaker should This funny, offbeat new mystery series is bound to delight fans of El Leonard and Janet Evanovich.About the Author Tim Cockey, who spent his formative years in Balti, has been a story analyst for many major film and television companies, including American Playhouse, ABC, and Hallmark Entertainment This is his first novel He lives in New York City

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    One thought on “The Hearse You Came in On”

    1. "Le croque-mort a la vie dure" est le premier tome d'une série qui met en scène Hitchcock Sewell. Hitch est croque-mort. Il mène une vie tranquille au salon funéraire qu'il partage avec sa tante, jusqu'au jour où une jeune femme débarque en tenue de tennis lors d'une veillée mortuaire. Celle-ci lui demande d'organiser son propre enterrement.Interloqué, il souhaite retrouver la femme en question. C'est ainsi que débute sa fraiche carrière de détective, embarqué contre son gré dans de [...]

    2. THE HEARSE YOU CAME IN ON (Amateur Sleuth-Baltimore-Cont) – OkayCockey, Tim – 1st bookHyperion, 2000- PaperbackUndertaker Hitchcock Sewell is intrigued when an attractive woman asks about arranging a funeral—for herself. He's even more intrigued when a woman of the same name turns up dead, except it's a different woman. *** I had a number of problems with this book. The main character, Hitch, was wry and amusing, almost to the point of annoying. I didn't feel I ever really got to know any [...]

    3. Quite entertaining, more than I expected. However, too much of the humor was forced. Worse yet, the author played "catch-up" in large dense chunks, he performing the old show dance instead of telling me the facts. Some parts seemed like he felt bored and wanted to move the book along instead of working at scenes pivotal to the mystery.The whole acting in a play side story was silly. The nonsense operated as an excuse to have the main character hook up with his ex-wife.Not in a hurry to read the [...]

    4. This book had a lot of promise. Unfortunately, for me, the book did not deliver half of what it could have. First, the good. There are some quirky and interesting characters in the book that are worth exploring. Julia, the hero's ex-wife, who lives a bohemian lifestyle.Gil, the local director of the community theater group, who is constantly giving new interpretations to classic plays like "Our Town."When the story revolves around the relationship with the ex and the putting on of the play it of [...]

    5. An easy read murder mystery where the main character, Hitchcock Sewell is an undertaker. He gets involved in a murder case headed by a beautiful yet disturbed detective named Kate. There is sort of a bizarre sub plot of Hitchcock and his ex wife Julia participating in a community theatre production of Our Town. It didn't bother me, but it seems expendable as a storyline. All in all, I enjoyed the book and will probably pick up the next in the series.

    6. Other than the blurbs on the book, when you have a protagonist with the name of Hitchcock Sewell, a local most eligible bachelor, that is also the local undertaker you have a feeling this will be a slightly different/humorous mystery tale. That it is. With Hitchcok's dry wit, some of Baltimore's more quirky characters, you have an entertaining, fun debut. I will continue to follow along with the escapades of this series.

    7. Well I finally finished this blasted book. It has nothing to do with the book, regular paperback slightly chewed by the dog. It's a fun fluffy mystery. Hitch gets a bit annoying at times, but that could be because it took me a million years to finish it. I like the feel of the family and since it is the first in a series sometimes the backstory slows down the pace. If you like Stephanie Plum, I'd give this one a try.

    8. The only a son I read this book was because the fact that Janet Evanovich commented on it. Personally, I love her writing. So I decided, what the check? Might as well. I made it through the whole book, but I thought that it lacked something. Yes, it was funny in parts bit the way it ended was not to my fancy. it could have definitely been better.

    9. I had trouble deciding between 3 and 4 stars. I finally decided upon 3 because I still see holes in how the author wrapped up the plot. Yeah, it was a good twist, but I think the solution was a little simple. I liked the characters, I thought they were well done, the side plots were fun, but just didn't love it.

    10. (2.5 because it's a Baltimore tale) A ho-hum mystery read. Nothing special with stock characters and bad dialogue. The mystery was built up okay but it felt like the writer got bored with it and just threw it together at the end.

    11. The main character, Hitch, is like the undertaker version of Fletch. He throws out verbal one-liners and observations so quickly you can barely keep up with them. Dry humor, wit, and a plot with lots of twists and turns keep the pace moving along swiftly and with plenty of laughter along the way.

    12. The first mystery in the series featuring Hitchcock Sewell, Baltimore's most eligible undertaker and amateur sleuth, a really likeable guy who keeps getting involved with community theater, his former in-laws, and his ex-wife. Great fun and not at all morbid.

    13. If I ever visit Baltimore again, I certainly hope to have at least as much fun as I have had reading this book! The main character, Hitchcock Sewell, has raised the bar for undertakers (and amateur sleuths) everywhere.

    14. I really like Hitchcock Sewell. He's irreverent, funny, easy-going, and big. He still likes his ex-wife, and is totally at ease solving murders even though he deals with dead people at his funeral home all the time.

    15. Didn't care for it that much. I thought an undertaker mystery would be more humorous my bad. I naive enough to want my heroes to be heroes.

    16. Maybe 3 1/2 stars. It's a close call between three and four. I liked the characters for the most part and the story moved along at a pretty good pace. The plot was a bit strained with a few too many connections between old and new crimes. And I didn't care for the not-to-be ending - that seemed cliche and a little too judge-y. But I liked the main character, Hitchcock, and I liked his play with words. Only wish I could get a snappy quip out as fast as he can. Worth looking at the next in the ser [...]

    17. WOW!What a fabulous story. Our hero, Hitch, is an undertaker along with his aunt. And he is a fabulous protagonist. Young and smart. A truly decent man who could charm the pants of any attractive lady. He picks a female cop who has a few issues. I liked their chemistry. But it's a lot to take on. Circumstantial problems. I highly recommend this author and his series. Just plain exceptionally entertaining.

    18. This is first in a series of three with Hitchcock " Hitch" Sewell, funeral director, directionless handsome male. Story line wanders about and abruptly comes back to solving a crime. Light reading.

    19. This book is a cute one but the humor is forced and the plot a bit old. I don't think that I will read the rest of the series.

    20. Humor - both the smiling and the laugh out loud kind. Realistic time frame. A number of suspects, but the revelation of "who done it" . Very engaging and enjoyable read!

    21. I should say that I know Tim, and that he is as witty and likeable in real life as his writing is. This is the first in his series of comedy thrillers focusing on a Baltimore undertaker named Hitchcock Sewell. The tone is light, funny, and clever. There is no Chandleresque darkness here (altho there is plenty of sarcastic wit) and one gets the feeling that the story line is just an excuse to have some fun and entertain the reader.I will just quickly go over the plot - Hitch is drawn into a myste [...]

    22. This was our first story by Cockey, and we’ll admit that the title hooked us in! Turns out this is the first in a series of five novels featuring Hitchcock Sewell, undertaker and (apparently) amateur sleuth (or at least, deep thinker!). Reminiscent of Evanovich, while there is a plot and a couple of murder mysteries, an unending string of funny lines and humorous predicaments (mortician’s humor?!) are really the main point, not necessarily the criminal hijinks along the way.The book gets off [...]

    23. #1 in the Hitchcock Sewell series. Finalist 2001 Dilys Award.Baltimore mortician Hitchcock Sewell series - Wisecracking Hitchcock Sewell, proprietor of Sewell & Sons Family Funeral Home, is intrigued when Carolyn James tries to arrange her own funeral, especially when a different Carolyn James turns up at the mortuary, a suicide. Hitch discovers that his attractive visitor was Det. Kate Zabriskie, working on a special case for Baltimore Police Commissioner Alan Stuart. Someone is blackmailin [...]

    24. If you're at all familiar with Baltimore and the surrounding area you'll recognize the MANY landmarks, neighborhoods, streets and towns Tim Cockey references in this light-hearted mystery. Hitchcock Sewell is a funeral director in Fells Point and gets mixed up in murders in unusual ways. While not a knee-slapper or a nail-biter, this is a well-written, delightful diversion from heavier/deeper reading. "Hitch" works with his Aunt Billie, is still very "friendly" with his ex-wife and has a cadre o [...]

    25. The firt Hitchcock Sewell mysteries. Being an undertaker does have its moments. Hitch finds himself at the center of a political and criminal situation without even trying. The style of the writer is easy going, first person point of view that draws you into the story quickly. It's the whole aren't the secondary zany and fun and did I say zany and colorful enough for you, that finally got on my nerves. From the loose ex-wife, to the colorful barflies, to the ex-college crazy friend, it never eve [...]

    26. The first novel by Cockey, and it shows. The mystery is a little too obvious, and the scaffolding he is working from visible around the edges. I guessed the mystery a little too early, and even predicted the plot twist.Still, good enough, and having read his third novel first I could see the sprouts that would flower into the better third novel.Interesting packaging note. The book is 434 pages long, but ends on p. 412. The final 20+ pages are a couple of tease chapters for his second novel. Prob [...]

    27. This was a good book. Hitchcock Sewell owns and operates a funeral parlor in Fells Point, Baltimore.This book revolves aorund his relationship with Kate Zabriskie, a Baltimore detective. She is investigating the death of a young woman that is being shown by Hitchcock's funeral parlor. He and Kate begin a relationship and he is drawn to assist her in solving the question of Carolyn James' murder. This is a fun story since it takes place in areas very familiar to me. The story is a good one that i [...]

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